In an increasingly online world with a largely remote workforce, companies are looking to ramp up their digital capabilities. 40% of IT leaders now list application modernization as their top priority, according to IBM and Forrester. The pressure to modernize is high, as applications that were “good enough” just a few years ago now fall well short of customers’ and employees’ expectations. 

Beyond raising customer and employee satisfaction, there are many reasons why decision-makers are embracing application modernization. The same IBM and Forrester survey found that boosting application security (46%) and business agility (45%) were among the top reasons. Countless organizations are also looking to reduce technical debt and open opportunities for long-term innovation.  

So, what exactly is application modernization? And how can it reduce technical debt while also improving customer experience, security, and opportunities for innovation? Find the answers to this and more in our application modernization FAQ below. Plus, discover the unique advantages of our value-driven Fast-Track Application Modernization service.

What Is Application Modernization?

Application modernization is the process of making your legacy systems more secure, efficient, and robust, often by leveraging the cloud, machine learning, and other tools. 

Many companies find themselves saddled with legacy systems that move too slowly, are not secure enough, or generally do not meet the needs of customers and employees. That is when application modernization is most vital. 

In recent years, application modernization has become increasingly desirable. Even companies that once relied less on digital systems now realize they need advanced capabilities to connect with their customers and employees worldwide.

How Do You Modernize an Application? 

Here are six ways to modernize your legacy applications:

  1. Migrating systems to the cloud
  2. Automating manual processes
  3. Integrating legacy systems 
  4. Cleaning code 
  5. Enhancing UI/UX
  6. Tearing down the legacy application and building a new one

Of the processes listed above, #6 is the least desirable. Teardown-and-rebuild efforts take years to show value, during which neither your employees nor customers see an enhanced experience. Plus, companies are often distracted by the idea of a state-of-the-art application and forget what actually boosts their bottom line. 

Meanwhile, processes #1-5 can all be extremely beneficial to companies, depending on their current needs. So how do you find the one that is right for you? 

At Programmers, we begin our Fast-Track Application Modernization service by sitting down with your leaders to discuss your goals and what roadblocks you’ve encountered along the way. This allows us to determine if clean code, automation, cloud migration, or anything in-between will bring your organization lasting value.

Why Is Application Modernization Important? 

Application modernization can directly boost your company’s efficiency, brand reputation, and capabilities. For example, if your company relies on manual processes, an application modernization initiative can automate those functions, making operations faster and removing the risk of human error.  

In terms of customer satisfaction and brand reputation, application modernization can add new features your customers want to see. It can also provide them with a more intuitive and engaging experience within your digital ecosystem.

How Do I Find the Top Application Modernization Service? 

Here are some questions to ask while looking for the perfect application modernization solution for you:

1. How closely do you work with your clients?

To get the best results from modernization, tech consultants will need to work side-by-side with you to ensure their work brings you real business value. 

At Programmers, we dedicate the first stage of our process to getting to know your company and its goals. Then, throughout modernization, our teams work directly under your management, offering you 100% transparency and the ability to nimbly change course as business needs evolve. 

2. How long will it take to see value from application modernization?

Customers can’t wait forever for an enhanced experience. Plus, your internal stakeholders need to see marked improvements quickly to ensure they keep supporting your modernization initiative. 

The tech consultant you partner with should know how their service will bring you value early and often. For example, our Fast-Track Application Modernization service can make the unique promise to boost your bottom line every 90 days, thanks to our iterative process.

    3. Can you target the modernization processes that will most benefit my company? 

    Some tech consultants are too quick to prescribe a particular solution based on their specialty, such as cloud migration or automation. Make sure that the consultant you work with plans to take time understanding your business and its legacy systems before prescribing solutions. 

    Programmers dedicates two weeks to looking under the hood of your legacy systems. Keeping your organization’s goals in mind, we find the technical barriers preventing you from realizing those plans and structure our modernization sprints around removing those roadblocks. 

    4. Do you continuously modernize my systems? 

    Application modernization is a long-term commitment to offering intuitive customer-facing systems and streamlined employee-facing tools. A high-quality tech consulting firm will plan with you for the months and years ahead, prioritizing your most pressing modernization needs and staying flexible enough to change course when your business or industry requires it. 

    Programmers’ approach not only shows short-term value but also iteratively strengthens your systems’ foundations, allowing you to scale up efficiently over time. We can work with your organization for as long as it brings business value to you and have worked side-by-side with clients for many years. 

    What Makes Programmers’ Fast-Track Service So Fast?  

    By working iteratively through your organization’s needs and breaking core processes into 90-day cycles, we’re able to show value earlier and more frequently than other consultants. For example, learn how we reduced the data import time for a student recruitment tool from one day to one hour with our Fast-Track approach. 

    We believe this fast-to-value model is important for CIOs, CTOs, and other executives to secure more internal buy-in for their modernization initiatives. Plus, it gives customers the improved application experience they need in record time. 

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