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Can you REACT quicker to uncover new opportunities?

Rafael Dourado

In this article, explore and understand what is a vector database, this promising and innovative trend in the data market.

Being part of a fast paced and highly competitive market demands every organization to act quickly to capture new business opportunities and react faster to threads. Information (powered by your data and, why not, public data, such as social network, demographics, etc.) gives you insights and helps to identify consuming patterns, detect behavior, and propel business. However, this will only benefit you (and your organization) if you have access to it.

10 out of 10 business users share how challenging it is to find faster responses while IT teams are so busy with day-to-day operations and how many opportunities are missed by the simple fact that IT can’t respond quickly as business demands.

Cloud computing, mobile devices, and a more user-centric & self-service set of resources and tools are allowing business users to take the lead in impacting the business while, at the same time, reducing its dependency on IT resources, time, staff, etc.

Programmers has been supporting organizations in several ways, like architecting their information systems, modernizing applications, and enabling cloud-computing. But we have often been challenged to work closer to the business users, responding to their requests to innovate on how we work with them, in a low-cost and high-business value offer.

REACT is Programmers’ offer to work hand-in-hand with Micrsoft PowerBI users for two weeks and uses real data-set to build easy-to-consume reports and dashboards. It’s a $4,000 offer with 5 effective steps:

Refine – focus work in one business area
Examine – data and build the analytical model with 2 data sources
Analyze – build 2 Power BI reports
Contribute – share, collaborate and make decisions
Train – training and mentoring to extract value from the tool

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Stay up to date on the latest trends, innovations and insights.