Connect Your Current and Future Data Assets With Your Larger Business Strategy

CodexData is a software product that helps you prioritize data project requests, fully govern your current data assets, and streamline how business users discover the assets that most benefit them.


Organizing Your Data Project Requests

CodexData allows you to sort through and begin prioritizing data project requests from business teams and company leadership. Your organization can use CodexData’s models to assess how each project benefits your company’s business strategy and analyze potential risks.

  • Track the best project opportunities and evaluate them with business users.
  • Assess each request’s quality, feasibility, and its potential risk to related assets.
  • Prioritize initiatives in a transparent and standardized manner.
  • Establish complete, automated approval flows.

Govern Your Data Products and Assets

CodexData enables you to deliver each completed initiative as a data product. Your team can control each product’s usage policies, monitor security, and resolve any issues throughout its lifecycle.

  • Organize and document each data product’s function, allowing business users to find exactly what they need.
  • Define and categorize key business metrics. Plus, explain to business users how these KPIs are calculated.
  • Manage who can access each product, protect sensitive information, and define usage policies.
  • Archive each product’s previous iterations, as well as track its success in delivering business insights.

Data Products Directory and Feed

Streamline how your company accesses insights with CodexData’s intuitive data products directory and feed. This is where business users throughout your organization can find and sort through each data product. Plus, you can get feedback from users on how to improve each of your assets.

  • Present new data assets in an automated feed.
  • Ensure your teams are informed of updated data policies in real-time.
  • Collect feedback from business areas for continuous improvement.
  • Monitor business user engagement with each product.

How CodexData Helps You

Establish a Data-Driven Culture

Analytics CoE

CodexData serves as a center of excelence for analytics in a data mesh, data fabric, or data hub architecture-based organization.


Control each data product and ensure its quality and adoption throughout its entire lifecycle.

Data Literacy

Spread data culture throughout your organization with centralized documentation, products, and assets tailored to business users.

Analytics Chatbot

CodexData’s virtual data attendant makes your enterprise analytics center even more dynamic. The chatbot helps business users understand your data products, ask for specific data and KPIs, and search through the documentation and wikis.

Connects with the Software You Already Use


Microsoft Teams



Azure DevOps

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