90 Days to Value: Fast-Track Application Modernization

With more competition and rapidly advancing technology, the standards for applications are higher than ever before. However, 74% of organizations that have started modernizing legacy systems failed to complete their initiative. Programmers’ Fast-Track Application Modernization service realigns modernization with real business needs.

Put your company on the fast track.


In 90-day modernization cycles, we continuously bring value to your organization and its customers.

Business Discovery and Technology Evaluation

Programmers begins by sitting down with your leaders to understand your current business goals and what obstacles you’ve faced along the way. Then, we target the barriers within your legacy systems that prevent you from reaching these goals.

Modernization Strategy

We create a business-centric strategy focused on iteratively improving the functionalities that drive the most value to your organization. This accelerates your time to value and keeps modernization focused on the processes that lead to meaningful results.

90-Day Modernization Cycles

Combining an agile mindset, advanced resources, tools, and modern techniques, our teams will iteratively modernize your legacy systems. This highly targeted approach allows us to make a unique promise to clients:  We will show value from modernization every 90 days.

Case Studies

Discover how our Fast-Track approach drove short and long-term value to companies across industries.


Programmers Reduces Data Import Time from One Day to One Hour

Using our Fast-Track approach, we iteratively moved our client’s CRM tool to a serverless environment. Soon, processes that once took a full day in the CRM tool took only one hour.


Programmers’ Fast-Track Service Allows Delivery of More Accurate Information

Our client once relied heavily on manual processes. To reduce workloads and remove the possibility of human error, we continuously automated more of their functions every 90 days.

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