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Adapting Digital Products to Changing User Behavior

James Ardis
Discover how to adapt your digital products to the evolving user behaviors post-COVID-19.

The impacts of COVID-19 were swift, dramatic and significant, affecting every aspect of the way people live, work and shop.

And while these changes were born out of immediate necessity, many will persist as lockdowns are lifted—putting pressure on companies to rapidly adapt their digital products to meet rising user needs and expectations.

The economic ramifications of the coronavirus have forced many consumers to reconsider how and where they spend money. In this uncertain time, proving value and gaining trust is critical for retaining and building your customer base during and after the pandemic.

Here’s why.

User priorities have changed

User priorities have changed because business needs have changed. More workers are remote, more customers are digital, more secure experiences are required and outcomes are more important than ever.

As companies increasingly rely on digital products to conduct business and interact with customers, many capabilities that were once viewed as a convenience have now become a necessity and new requirements emerge daily.

It’s essential to understand how your customers’ behavior is changing and what the implications are for your products. Reprioritizing your product roadmap will allow you to deliver the features that matter most to users now and build products that will help them navigate their new reality.

Users are more focused on experience

Experience has always mattered to users, but the accelerated shift to virtual business has highlighted the need for more seamless digital experiences and increased transparency.

As users face new challenges and the need to do more with less, they need digital products that will help them do their work quickly and efficiently—not put up roadblocks.

Any product issues that might have been annoying before the pandemic could be deal-breakers now as companies look to streamline operations and cut costs.

Users are checking out your competition

Today’s users need and expect more from their digital products, making competition fierce. If your products don’t deliver the value, experience or innovation users are looking for, they may move on to your competitor’s solution.

In a constantly changing business environment like this, it’s best to deliver small but continuous product enhancements rather than holding out for a big improvement that will take many months to release. This allows you to meet user needs quickly, adjust course as necessary, leverage feedback and focus on what’s essential to their business now in a smart and efficient way.

How Programmers can help

Quickly reacting to changing user behavior is essential for continued success and competitive differentiation. Now is the time to focus on evolving and improving your digital product portfolio.

We provide the expert hands and minds needed to guide your team and collectively build digital products through every phase.

We will work side-by-side with your team to:

    •  Reprioritize your product roadmap and build the features that matter to users now
    • Embed AI and data science to enhance product experience and enable users to achieve goals faster and easier
    • Leverage multidisciplinary teams and agile methodology to efficiently meet rising demands and build exceptional digital products that keep users coming back

COVID-19 has changed user needs, priorities and expectations. How you react to those changes will determine your success in retaining and building your customer base during and after the pandemic.

Learn more about how we can help your team rise to the challenge today. Contact us.

Stay up to date on the latest trends, innovations and insights.