Faster Value and Clearer Expectations With Programmers’ Agile Experience

Programmers’ Agile Experience offers more than just the traditional benefits of an agile development process. We combine modern agile methods with the teams, toolset, coaching, and metrics necessary to begin, maintain, and optimize the development of your digital application.

With Programmers’ Agile Experience, we help you build your new digital product from idea to execution while showing iterative value, reducing risk, and enabling early ROI.

From Envisioning to Implementation

We start by working with your team to plan out a product or suite of new features to address your business needs, the product envisioning phase. We follow that by establishing the necessary upfront technologies and prioritizing features, all part of the digital product roadmap

Then, we begin the agile implementation of new features, an iterative development cycle that allows you to see value early and often. 

Here’s how we make it happen:

Four young professionals reviewing notes of agile development

Teams Customized for Your Needs 

Your new teams will include experts in front, back, & full-stack development, QA, UI & UX, and more. You’ll also work with a scrum master, integration manager, solution architect, and product owner.

Each team member has a focus on a particular practice area, such as architecture, DevOps, and data analytics. This encourages an exchange of ideas across teams and ensures you can leverage the full range of knowledge at Programmers.

Tracking Agile Metrics Aligned With Value

It’s not always easy to know which agile metrics ensure product development is progressing as efficiently and purposefully as possible. Emphasizing the wrong measurements can lead to unclear expectations and wasted resources. 

At Programmers, we know which agile metrics related to predictability, effectiveness, and quality to begin tracking day one. Plus, we work with your company to define additional measurements that are most important for your product.

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Hands of male professional and female professional reviewing digital product KPIs

Agile Coaching: Take a Macro-Level View of Development

When you’re developing a digital product, it’s easy to get too focused on  day-to-day operations and lose track of the bigger picture. That’s why we  offer bi-monthly agile coaching sessions, with each lasting 1-2 hours.  

These sessions are an opportunity to take a helicopter view of  development. We review key metrics and ensure that we’re using the  right measurements to demonstrate value to your company, including  your organization’s core stakeholders

The Tools for End-to-End Product Development

Some companies may just be beginning agile development for the first  time and worry about having the right tools. Programmers’ Agile Experience comes with all the software and infrastructure necessary to  support the entire lifecycle of application development.  

Meanwhile, other organizations will already have communication and  tracking tools that work best for them. Programmers’ Agile Experience is  flexible to your needs, adapting to your company’s current toolset. 

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Pinpointing Areas for Improvement with the Agile Assessment

Programmers’ Agile Assessment helps you understand where your organization has excelled in adopting agile methods and where it can still improve. We analyze your organization’s agile culture, processes, and how your teams deliver value. Then, we create a dashboard that gives you a bird’s-eye view of your overall effectiveness, along with important next steps.

“Programmers’ Agile Experience is the right combination of process, teams, coaching, and toolset you need to build high-impact software.” 

– Fernando Zambroti, Director of Business Transformation

Want to leverage exceptional tools, teams, insights, and agile processes to make your next digital product? Learn how Programmers’ Agile Experience uniquely benefits your latest initiative.