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Companies that want to get the most out of generative AI can’t rely on the public ChatGPT forever. They need this technology infused directly into their internal systems and processing their enterprise data, allowing generative AI to serve as a copilot that uncovers crucial insights and streamlines daily processes.

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Prepare Your Data for Generative AI

Pasting enterprise data into the public ChatGPT will only get companies so far. This drastically limits the use cases of generative AI and poses some crucial data privacy concerns. Instead, companies like yours need to harness the power of GenAI within their own environment.

Programmers Inc. begins by assessing if your data is ready for this technology. We analyze your current data platform and understand whether GenAI can directly pull data from them and create responses. If necessary, we can build these well-structured data platforms from the ground up, helping companies at any stage begin to leverage this artificial intelligence.

Data leader using ChatGPT on their phone and desktop
Professional on their laptop using a generative AI system to complete their daily tasks

GenAI Copilots Supporting Your Company’s Processes

Generative AI can serve as a copilot for your teams, taking repetitive tasks off their plate and providing them with useful analysis.

Programmers Inc. helps you target where these copilots would be most helpful in your organization. Then, we iteratively build systems with these specific functions, showing the value of GenAI quickly and clearly to your stakeholders.

Here are just a few examples:

In IT: Help employees who submit a support ticket troubleshoot their problems.

IT departments spend countless hours resolving tickets where users are experiencing common, easy-to-fix problems. Generative AI can resolve these cases, allowing users to receive high-quality answers quickly. Plus, IT professionals can reinvest that time into more innovative and rewarding tasks.

In HR: Provide employees with information related to vacation time, sick leave, health insurance plans, and more.

Employees often have questions about their benefits. Generative AI can serve as a copilot for HR departments by finding the information employees are looking for and communicating it to them clearly. HR departments can then focus their energy on more proactive tasks that foster a healthy and productive work culture.

For Franchises: Answer potential franchisees’ questions and analyze the viability of a franchise in specific locations.

To keep quality and brand identity consistent, there are often many rules that franchisees must follow in order to open a franchise. Generative AI can field many questions these business leaders may have and serve as a helpful business advisor as they make decisions such as location.
Two data leaders at a table looking at insights created from generative AI on their laptop

Empower Employees with the Data They Need

Your employees need on-demand access to specific KPIs that track their efficiency and effectiveness. With GenAI, Programmers Inc. can build a system that understands your employees’ unique inquiries, finds the relevant data, and creates an easy-to-understand visualization.

Dashboards and other traditional data visualization tools are limited by the creator’s original intention, only showing the data that person found important. Instead, give your employees the tools to uncover unique insights.

Programmers Inc. offers a suite of data analytics services that helps your company become more data-driven.

Your Long-Term Generative AI Partner

The capabilities of generative AI are rapidly evolving. The companies that get the most out of this technology will constantly explore new use cases, enhance existing AI systems, and proactively prepare for regulations. However, this is often too much for organizations to track and act upon in-house.

Programmers Inc. is your long-term generative AI partner, ensuring you get the most out of this revolutionary technology as capabilities evolve. We also follow emerging regulations and ensure your systems are always compliant.

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