90 Days to Value: Programmers’ Fast-Track Application Modernization Service

With more competition and rapidly advancing technology, the standards for  applications are higher than ever before. Your business requires flexible digital  capabilities. Meanwhile, your customers expect secure, fast-running applications  that dynamically respond to their needs. The companies falling short of these  expectations feel the gap between themselves and their competitors widen every  day.

Programmers understands the benefits of modernizing applications and the fast-to value approach that the business world demands. That’s why we launched our Fast Track Application Modernization service. 

Why Modernize Your Applications?

Here are some core benefits of modernizing digital assets:

Improve Business Agility

Integration With New Applications

Reduce Security & compliance Risks

Shortage of SMEs & Specialists

Reduce TCO

Companies that fail to modernize applications expose  themselves to more security risks, sacrifice business agility, and miss opportunities to reduce total cost of ownership.

What Complicates Modernization?

Stakeholders are often intimidated by the idea of modernization. Traditionally,  modernization efforts require years of rebuilding, during which neither the company nor its customers see any value.

Many modernization efforts discard  legacy systems too quickly and  instead assume that a state-of-the art application built from the ground up is the answer.

Don’t throw away the time and resources you’ve invested in your current applications.

Shorten Your Time to Value With Programmers’ Fast-Track Application Modernization Service


3-Week Business & Technology Evaluation

Programmers identifies the potential value of your legacy application and assesses the underlying technology. This allows us to understand the current obstacles preventing your company from realizing  the maximum value of the application.

Modernization Strategy

We create a strategy that will attack the most prominent modernization opportunities iteratively while paying close attention to business metrics. This accelerates your time to value and keeps modernization focused on the processes that lead to meaningful results.


90-Day Modernization Cycles: Rapid and High-Impact Modernization

Our iterative, highly-targeted approach to modernization allows us to make a unique promise to clients:  We will show value from modernization every 90 days, encouraging strong buy-in from stakeholders throughout your company.

“With Programmers’ promise to deliver measurable value every 90 days, CIOs can walk into any budget meeting confident that digital modernization has been and will be a wise investment.”

Still deciding whether it’s the right time to embrace digital modernization? Read our e-book to discover the many benefits of modernizing digital assets. 

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