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Move Towards Faster, More Consistent Agile Sprints with Programmers’ Agile Assessment

Many organizations have adopted agile development processes, understanding their value in unlocking flexibility and fast deliveries. However, it’s not as easy as flipping a switch.

Companies still struggle with iterative development cycles and have trouble giving teams the autonomy they need to complete a successful sprint. How can your organization get a bird’s-eye view of how well it has incorporated agile?

Programmers’ Agile Assessment can pinpoint where your organization has excelled and where there is room for improvement. The assessment, part of our comprehensive Agile Experience method, serves as your roadmap to consistently valuable sprints.

How it Works


To determine the state of agile in your company, we sit down with your product owner and other stakeholders to learn about your company’s agile culture and people, your processes, and how you deliver value to the organization.


Then, two of our scrum masters measure your overall effectiveness, leveraging their many years of shared experience with scrum and agile development. Within 5-10 business days, you will receive a dashboard with easy-to-understand data pinpointing your strengths and areas for improvement.


From there, we propose next steps to bolster your company’s digital product development efforts. You can work with our team of seasoned scrum experts and our patented Agile Experience framework to take the next step towards high-value deliveries. 

Let’s look at the three core areas our assessment targets: culture/people, value delivery, and processes.

Checking in on Your Company’s Agile Culture and People

Sustained success with agile development requires full buy-in across teams. You should also have the right talent within your organization to guide day-to-day tasks. In other words, people and culture fuel effective agile development.

During the Agile Assessment, our scrum masters learn which skillsets are represented within your teams and gauge the level of collaboration fostered between teams. 

Quantifying Value Delivery

Agile exists to deliver value quickly to your customers, employees, and business leaders. These development processes should streamline how you deploy new digital products or launch updates. 

The Agile Assessment tracks how well your scrum teams deliver value by considering: 

  • How well-defined product goals are
  • The frequency of deliveries  
  • How flexible your teams are to new company needs 
  • And much more
Evaluating Agile Processes

To deliver value, it’s vital to have the right agile processes. Our Agile Assessment gauges how closely your teams follow best practices in scrum, the quality of backlog management, and how clearly your organization defines a successful sprint.

Programmers’ Agile Experience 

The Agile Assessment is part of Programmers’ Agile Experience, which combines the methods, teams, tools, coaching, metrics, and assessments you need from day one of development.

After completing the Agile Assessment, Programmers will have a rich understanding of your company, its goals, and key areas for improvement. You can then leverage the rest of our Agile Experience to ensure the most value-driven sprints possible.

Ready to make your agile development teams more effective and consistent?