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5 Key Benefits of a Dedicated Development Team

James Ardis

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Countless organizations want to add new digital capabilities but find that their tech teams have limited capacity. Plus, it’s often difficult for these companies to retain their top-tier talent. 70% of IT leaders say the talent shortage prevents them from modernizing and transforming their systems.

A dedicated development team is the best option for companies that want a full team of experts ready to take their new application or suite of features from idea to execution, allowing you to unlock the 3 Keys to Digital Success. These teams help you avoid talent shortages and give you the chance to leverage a wide range of skills.

Below, learn more about the advantages of dedicated development teams and discover if they are a good fit for your organization.

1. Available from Day One to Deployment

Right now, your leaders may know that a new digital product will add revenue streams to your company and boost both customer satisfaction and brand reputation. However, your company may simply not have the development teams on staff to see these ideas through.

The most crucial benefit of dedicated development teams is that they can take your next application all the way from its first brainstorming session to launch. A high-quality dedicated team will work side-by-side with you to create the product roadmap, put together a product backlog, and lead development sprints.

Programmers’ dedicated teams use our patented Agile Experience method to make development as streamlined as possible. Beyond building your new application with agile methods, our process also provides the tools, metrics, and coaching you’ll need throughout development. Learn more about how our Agile Experience is a value multiplier for dedicated teams.

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2. Teams Customized to Your Needs

Tech consulting companies like Programmers will put together full dedicated development teams that are customized to your unique needs. Much of this composition will have to do with the nature of your application, as well as your business goals for this new system.

For example, with a new customer-facing platform, you likely want to ensure that it is intuitive and eye-catching. We can give you the UI/UX experts necessary as part of your dedicated development teams to make that a reality. For example, we put together a scalable UI/UX framework that made a marketing analytics platform as engaging as possible.

As your goals change and you begin working on different applications, the makeup of the dedicated development team can adapt, too. This allows you to work more nimbly than competitors who are going through lengthy (and costly) hiring sprees whenever they need expanded talent.

3. Available for Short or Long-Term Initiatives

Some companies feel that if they could just build or modernize one application, they’d have all the capabilities they need. Meanwhile, many others understand that they’ll need to continuously build and modernize systems as their customers’ and leaders’ needs evolve.

Dedicated development teams are flexible enough to adapt to either of these mindsets. If there is only one application that needs building, then the team can see that initiative through. If your organization frequently needs the services of a high-quality development team, then the dedicated team can stay on for as long as it brings you value.

Programmers dedicated team guiding a professional from ExakTime through a task

At Programmers, we’ve helped countless organizations continuously boost their operations. With the mobile workforce management company Exaktime, for example, our dedicated teams iteratively moved their operations to the cloud and found other ways to streamline their processes.

4. Free Up Your Internal Teams

Another major benefit of dedicated development teams is that they allow your internal tech staff to move on to other initiatives. This allows you to rapidly multiply your ongoing projects. Plus, employees get an opportunity to work on different systems, keeping them mentally stimulated and giving them new skills that will benefit your company for years to come.

5. Offer Full Transparency

At this point, one concern you may have about dedicated development teams is how much oversight you’ll have on their work. Unlike outsourcing, where a project is completely handed off to a third party, dedicated teams provide the same level of transparency as your internal staff.

With Programmers, our dedicated teams attend the same meetings as your internal hires and have the same expectations for reporting and results. Plus, since we work under an agile process, there are plenty of opportunities, including sprint reviews, to gather feedback from stakeholders and ensure we’re delivering the capabilities your company needs.

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Final Thoughts

Even before the pandemic and Great Resignation, hiring tech talent was a hassle. 80% of organizations reported struggling to find the right professionals before these major world events. Now, it’s a fully-fledged barrier to innovation.

Dedicated development teams can take your major tech initiatives from idea to deployment while offering the same transparency as your internal staff. These teams are nimble, assembling the right specialists you need for each initiative and only remaining on your payroll for as long as they bring you value.

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Stay up to date on the latest trends, innovations and insights.