Programmers Builds Scalable UI/UX Framework for Marketing Analytics Platform

One of our clients is a software-as-a-service company that provides data solutions for digital advertising agencies and marketing technology (Martech) companies. Our client wanted to streamline its customers’ path to insights by building a comprehensive platform where marketers could find all their analytics in one place. This would also be a crucial information hub for our client’s internal teams.

The marketing SaaS company already had the in-house development talent to build this system. However, it needed specialized help from UX experts at Programmers to uncover what this platform should look like and the most intuitive ways for users to navigate it. That way, Martech companies and digital advertising agencies would adopt this platform as their one-stop-shop for marketing analytics, a major competitive advantage for our client.

Programmers worked with this SaaS company throughout the research, prototype, and minimum viable product (MVP) phases to create a compelling and intuitive experience for marketers. We also designed a scalable UI/UX framework, allowing the SaaS company to continuously add new features that intuitively match the original platform.

The yellow brick road of UX design

Follow the Yellow Brick Road: Designing the MVP

Our client wanted to ensure their platform fully met the data analytics needs of their customers. That’s why they decided to build an MVP to test their hypothesis as quickly as possible.

Programmers’ UX team spent the MVP phase not only crafting an intuitive early design for the platform but also creating “UX building blocks” that our client could use to design new features after the MVP quickly. That scalable framework reduced the time customers needed to wait between the MVP and a fully-realized version of the product.

We utilized Figma to create a framework for different types of pages, along with establishing the platform’s specific dimensions, color palette, and behavior. This provided clear design guidelines for the client’s development teams to follow when creating new pages. As our lead UX designer put it, “[Our client was] able to continue development on that tool and others with this pattern and just follow the yellow brick road.”

Building Blocks in Record Time

Our client expected the MVP design and the “UX building blocks” to be complete in four months. However, Programmers finished work on it in just under three months, reducing delivery time of the UI/UX scalable framework by 25%. That allowed the marketing SaaS company to reach the market with their product faster and quickly connect their customers with more comprehensive insights rapidly.
UX designer planning out how users will navigate an application
Customizing Design to the End-User’s Needs

For digital advertising agencies and Martech companies, the main value proposition of this new platform was having full access to insights from numerous data sources. Our UX designers worked to make users’ macro-level view of data feel intuitive and not overwhelming while also making it easy to focus on specific data points whenever necessary. 

The platform also had other core features, such as adding new data team members, controlling permission levels, and customizing job titles to reflect each organization’s unique team structure. Our UX designers ensured these functionalities were clearly marked and that managers adding new team members were encouraged to customize permission levels and job titles in a natural and convenient way. 

Other tools were more niche and needed to be less intrusive for the average user. That included a sandbox environment that allowed marketers to write their own code to get specific data via our client’s APIs. From a UX perspective, making this tool as easy to understand as possible was important. We also had to ensure it was not intrusive for users who did not have a strong tech background and were not ready to use that tool.

Full Visibility at Each Step

At Programmers, we offer our clients full transparency and prioritize constructive, sit-down meetings with all stakeholders. During this initiative, our UX designers conducted weekly sprint briefings with the client. That allowed our designers to frequently present their work to stakeholders and dynamically implement their feedback.

These sprint briefings also ensured that everyone involved had realistic expectations for the week ahead. This put our client, its development teams, and our UX staff in the best position to succeed. 

UX expert meeting with client in boardroom

Programmers’ UX Services

Programmers helps organizations across industries provide a seamless user experience. Far more than making applications “look pretty,” our UX teams ensure that your customers have satisfying experiences within your digital ecosystem and that your internal teams can complete their daily tasks with ease.

The impact of great UX reverberates throughout an organization, boosting efficiency, job satisfaction, customer retention, brand reputation, and more. That’s why we offer three distinct UX services. The first is our UX Assessment, which provides an overhead view of how well your current processes lead to engaging, accessible systems. 

We also offer UX design assistance throughout digital product development, like our work with the marketing SaaS client you just learned about. We create prototypes that resonate with the end-user and then consult with your teams throughout the development process to keep user needs front and center. 

Finally, we help organizations modernize the UX of their legacy applications, giving customers and employees alike the streamlined experience they expect in the digital-first world. Ready to begin offering next-level digital experiences with enhanced UX? Use the link below to contact us today.