Multinational Brewing Company Leverages
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Having organized data sets and key performance indicators (KPIs) is vital in every industry. These allow each company’s leaders to make quick, decisive moves to reach short and long-term goals. Depending on old, disorganized data is not an option, particularly as the COVID-19 pandemic rapidly changes how the world buys, sells, and transports products.


With the help of Programmers’ Analytics App, businesses with outdated reports can now consolidate data from the previous month quickly. Then, they can automatically generate business insights with an expansive view of over 3,000 KPIs related to financial, supply chain, input costs, and logistics indicators.

Businesses of all sizes and in all different industries benefit from data sets that are expansive, well-organized, and regularly updated. Below, learn how a multinational brewing company effectively utilized the Analytics App to improve its bottom line.

Organizing and Learning From KPIs: The Brewing Company’s Challenge


During the early part of 2020, one of the world’s largest brewers faced a major business challenge. The company needed to provide leaders and decision-makers with a unified, timely, and single source of data that would reflect an accurate global view for supply chain financial data, KPIs, input costs, raw materials, and logistics indicators. This would be an intimidating task considering there are currently over 3,000 global KPIs that support the company’s worldwide supply chain daily.


The Problem With Typical KPI Reporting

At the end of 2019, the company had migrated to the Anaplan ERP for supply reporting. It’s incredibly robust for the group’s management needs. However, it didn’t allow the flexibility to provide business users with updated and consolidated reports of global KPIs. To fill this gap, Microsoft’s Power BI solution was selected. Yet consolidating KPIs in reports was a very slow process with a week delay and error vulnerabilities. This was due to the data extraction occurring manually from the ERP and then loading into Excel files with thousands of rows before being manipulated. Only after that process was the data available in Power BI with outdated reports from the previous month.

The Programmers Solution

Programmers was chosen as a technology partner to help the multinational drink and brewing company overcome this business challenge. The Chicago-based IT company develops business solutions with innovation and specialized technology leveraging digital and data intelligence.

Programmers initiated the project in March 2020, starting with identifying data in the ERP Anaplan and aiming at integration with Power BI. From that point, Programmers built a structured database with a 100% automated process to extract, store, process, and update the final report twice a day with over 3,000 KPIs. The final step was the delivery of the analytical application.

Today, this user-friendly and reliable platform brings global data and KPIs to the company’s decision-makers.


Programmers’ Analytics App Userbase Grows

“We are extremely pleased to contribute to this project that is reflecting on business in such a company and industry. With the data visualization platform, we developed together, the company can analyze and benchmark their operations, driving efficiency and internal competition across their business,” says Rafael Dourado, Programmers’ Data Analytics Manager.

KPIs displayed on analytics app on tablet.

Currently, there are over 800 business users who have direct and democratized access to the Analytics App. Using Programmers’ solution, each company doesn’t have to spend money acquiring new licenses for the ERP.


App Helps Businesses Affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic


Dourado continues to express the impact the app has had on the industry, particularly during the coronavirus outbreak: “As an example, COVID-19 has changed the behavior of their customers. People who previously consumed their beverage and food products in bars, pubs, and restaurants are now consuming their products at home. This increased demand for cans and bottles has created an additional strain on their existing operation. With the tool, they could do a complete analysis of their business’s most vital lines, resulting in effective capital resource allocation to the critical operations and markets. We are so proud of this project.”

The view and analysis of global KPIs was a really slow process before we started the engagement with Programmers. It was urgent to provide business leaders and users with more agility and assertiveness in delivering reports for strategic decision-making regarding our over 300 breweries and 600 distribution centers around the world.

Global Supply Transformation Manager

Multinational brewing company

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