Arteris and Programmers’ Success Story

Enhancing Road Safety with AI Traffic Analysis

In a significant leap forward for road safety and management, Arteris, a leading road management company overseeing more than 2000 miles of highways in Brazil has successfully implemented an advanced AI solution built by Programmers.

This cutting-edge technology, brought by Programmers, is designed to monitor and analyze traffic conditions in real-time, and will provide critical insights that help prevent accidents and improve response times.

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How Programmers used AI Technology to Transform Traffic Monitoring

The AI traffic analysis system implemented by Programmers works by integrating sophisticated algorithms into surveillance cameras placed along the highways. Unlike traditional monitoring methods, this AI-driven approach offers superior accuracy and efficiency. The technology can detect traffic density, classify different types of vehicles, and identify potentially hazardous behaviors, such as sudden lane changes or speeding. These real-time analyses enable the company to anticipate and mitigate risks before they result in accidents.

“Currently, the equipment used to count the number of vehicles on lanes is very expensive. By investing in AI, we will be able to provide a more precise service. As a bonus, we can potentially save up to 80% when in scale, as it will no longer be necessary to invest in such expensive tools. Artificial intelligence will be the primary agent in this transformation,” stated Luiz Eduardo Ritzmann, Arteris’ CTO.

Pilot Program and Expansion Plans

The implementation process began with a pilot program on some of the busiest stretches of the highway network. The results were promising. Now, the company will expand the AI system to cover more extensive sections of the highway. This proactive measure has not only improved safety but also optimized operational efficiency, reducing the need for expensive and less reliable traditional equipment.

Future Vision and Automation in Highway Management

Arteris already has other initiatives that bring greater predictability through intelligent analyses, using the real-time traffic data generated by its various systems to predict and prevent accidents and other incidents that commonly occur on highways, based on vehicle flow, weather forecast, and other variables. “This whole process of evolution is part of Arteris’ future vision. We know that the coming years will bring major changes in the automotive sector, with 100% autonomous cars. This requires that all highway infrastructure be ready to manage these vehicles. Automation in the management of concessioned highways will prepare us to efficiently manage the modernization that the future promises,” emphasizes Ritzmann.

Luiz Eduardo Ritzmann, Arteris' CTO and Rafael Dourado, Programmers Inc. Operations Manager

Luiz Eduardo Ritzmann, Arteris’ CTO and Rafael Dourado, Programmers Inc. Operations Manager

This successful AI implementation, supported by Programmers, has set a new benchmark in road management, demonstrating how technology can transform traditional practices and deliver tangible benefits in public safety and operational effectiveness. The company’s innovative approach showcases a commitment to leveraging the latest advancements to enhance the safety and reliability of its highway network.

“We started the Arteris data and artificial intelligence initiative more than two years ago, evolving at each stage of the process and making discoveries that will bring many benefits to highway management. We are very happy to be part of this strategy that impacts not only our client’s business but also the citizens who travel on highways daily,” says Rafael Dourado, Operations Manager at Programmers. “We are only at the beginning of this transformation and hope that Programmers can increasingly collaborate with the evolution of Arteris’ highway management,” he adds.

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Programmers’ AI traffic analysis solutions

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