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Data Analytics Solutions

What good is data if your organization learns nothing from it? Many companies have an unprecedented amount of data but few ways to sort through it and make key points actionable.

Programmers can help your company throughout its data analytics journey. From creating dashboards to boosting data quality, we unlock the capabilities that deliver your most valuable insights.

Understanding the Maturity of Your Data Platform

Pinpointing where your organization’s capabilities stand today is key to discovering how your data platform should evolve going forward. Programmers offers a Data Platform Maturity Assessment. We begin by showing you which stage of maturity your company is in, from Stage 1 (very little data organization) to Stage 4 (fully-realized analytics platform). Then, we offer a more in-depth look at where your current solution excels and where it is falling short.

Data Integration: Eliminating Data Silos

We remove data silos, a harmful barrier to insights, by consolidating your information within a centralized platform, such as a data lake or data warehouse. This streamlines how you extract KPIs and spread them to leaders throughout your organization for more informed decision-making. Plus, centralized platforms give you more control over your data, boosting data quality, governance, and security.

Encourage Informed Decision-Making

Business leaders who want to quickly prepare their team to extract key data points use Programmers’ REACT – the best way to get started on self-service analytics. We begin by creating critical reports for your company’s decision-making process through Power BI. Then, we train your team on how to get the most out of the self-service analytics tool.

Boosting Advanced Analytics with AI

We use AI to create advanced analytical capabilities for your business. That includes implementing predictive or even prescriptive analytics to improve core processes.

Want to accelerate your time to value from data science and applied AI? Programmers’ INSIGHTS helps you begin collecting, storing, and acting on data using AI services and machine learning from Microsoft Azure.

Real-Time Analytics: Speeding Up Decision-Making

Programmers can build real-time analytics solutions that allow you to follow up-to-the-minute changes in productivity, consumer habits, and more. We make this data actionable by adding components to your platform that enable you to track key performance indicators (KPIs).

Establishing Data Governance

Programmers helps you establish a data governance framework and ensures your data is usable, accessible, and secure as your platform grows.

We also implement tools and processes that lead to well-organized and high-quality data throughout your platform.

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