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Discover three crucial attributes that characterize the best generative AI service providers.
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With new large language models (LLMs) emerging all the time and CEOs departing (and then returning) to their companies, it is safe to say that we are in the early, turbulent stages of generative AI’s life cycle. Despite that, the potential benefits of this technology to businesses like yours cannot be overstated. How can you find a generative AI service provider that enables stability and maximizes your value?

In this article, we will look at three crucial attributes that we believe set the best generative AI service providers apart. From keeping your data safe to building capabilities specifically for your business goals, these three factors put you in the best position to enjoy short and long-term success with this groundbreaking technology.

Adaptable to Your Business Goals

CIO Magazine recently cited generative AI as one of the “10 things keeping IT leaders up at night.” With all the benefits of GenAI, why would CIOs and other tech executives be stressed? Many of them fear that their organizations are not applying this technology in the most advantageous way, meaning they are leaving substantial money on the table and giving competitors an opportunity to surpass them.

It turns out that while companies like OpenAI have provided groundbreaking large language models, they may not have delivered the optimal way for businesses to leverage this technology. As the CIO Magazine piece mentions, the accessible nature of the public ChatGPT means that overeager employees and managers are “launching their own pet projects using the tech,” leading to a dangerous shadow IT scenario.

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To get real business value from this technology, your organization needs to work with a team that can target the most advantageous use cases of generative AI within your company. A clear, well-articulated plan allows your employees to understand how generative AI will be used within the company and what proper and improper uses look like. Additionally, the generative AI service provider needs to get these functionalities live quickly to ensure customer and employee needs are met rapidly.

Programmers Inc. has already helped countless clients figure out the best business use cases for generative AI. We also streamline the path to better employee and customer experiences by building these capabilities iteratively. Other service providers are just beginning to discuss helping companies build proprietary generative AI solutions instead of rigid, off-the-shelf products. But at Programmers Inc., that has been our primary focus since the beginning of the generative AI revolution.

As you research generative AI service providers, you may notice some companies with cookie-cutter, ten-step plans to generative AI success. While this sounds good on paper, in truth, each organization’s journey will be profoundly different based on their business needs and their current data infrastructure. We leverage a more adaptable approach: target the most important business use cases, build those capabilities, and improve upon them as user needs (and the technology itself) evolves.

Offer Autonomy to Keep Your Data in Your Digital Ecosystem

As a tech leader, you are probably already concerned about how the public ChatGPT leverages your organization’s data. By learning from your information, ChatGPT makes your company’s top insights searchable by competitors and the public at large. Allegedly, companies such as Samsung have suffered data leaks by something as simple as an employee “submitt[ing] an entire meeting to the chatbot and ask[ing] it to create meeting minutes.”

The public ChatGPT is far from alone in this. By default, Google’s generative AI system Bard also stores interactions you make within the chatbot for 18 months. Conversations you have within Bard that you share with others can also be included in Google Search, a scary prospect for any team that wants to use generative AI as a starting point for collaborative projects.

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Programmers Inc. is laser-focused on helping you build generative AI tools within your internal systems, giving you full control over the security of your data. Instead of hoping your competitors do not search for your data in the public ChatGPT or find it in Google Search, keep your enterprise data exactly where it belongs: in the enterprise.

Beyond the security benefits, this approach also means that we can leverage whichever LLM is most beneficial for your organization’s specific use case. We are not beholden to Google, OpenAI, or any other company producing generative AI systems. That means switching between these LLMs is as easy as switching between APIs.

The first step in this process is to make sure that your data is ready for generative AI. Download our e-book today to uncover key data quality metrics, the type of database that will set you up for GenAI success, and pitfalls to avoid.

Provide Continuous Support of Your Applications

Given the nascent nature of this technology, Programmers Inc. prioritizes continuous modernization as part of its generative AI services. We ensure you are enjoying the maximum possibilities of this technology as it grows and as new LLMs emerge. Additionally, it will be crucial to stay one step ahead of impending regulations, especially for global companies. While your competitors are mired in regulations-induced setbacks, we want your organization to be fully focused on maximizing the benefits of generative AI.

We have been surprised to see that few other generative AI services elaborate on how they will support your GenAI systems for the long haul. When vetting potential partners, be sure to ask if continuous support is a key part of their strategy or if they are more focused on maximizing short-term gains.

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Final Thoughts

In a deluge of marketing, it is difficult to find the generative AI service provider that is right for you. Should you work directly with the creators of the LLMs, such as OpenAI, or an LLM-agnostic provider? Even within these categories, there are many companies you can consider.

In general, we believe finding the ideal generative AI service provider will require a level of introspection. You will need to consider what your business goals are and ensure the service provider is flexible enough to meet those needs. Plus, this company must value the privacy of your data and demonstrate a clear willingness to support your generative AI systems for the long haul.

We believe Programmers Inc. provides the perfect blend of these offerings. Learn more about our generative AI services and, when you’re ready, reach out to us to learn how we can uniquely benefit your organization and adapt to your tech stack and organizational priorities.

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