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Switch from Surviving to Thriving with Modernization

Rafael Dourado

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Even as COVID-19 becomes less of a pressing concern, the era of remote work and increased online consumer spending continues. That means more and more clients and businesses wanting to meet and engage online, via digital tools, using applications, social media and various other platforms. This new generation of customers are spurning the high street in favor of digital channels that may be brand new to them.

Digital Transformation Survival Instincts

Many businesses have suddenly found themselves thrust into a situation where they have to make their digital strategy work right now, or face losing customers – sink or swim, essentially. Rather than building their digital presence over a period of months and future proofing it along the way, they’re throwing up social media accounts, messaging services, and apps without, perhaps, considering the long-term problems of creating something that’s only applicable in the moment.

These survival instincts are completely understandable. But, it’s important to take a step back and realize that there’s a genuine opportunity here: the opportunity to continuously modernize and create a powerful digital presence that will last way into the future, enticing clients or customers on its own merit rather than simply because it’s the only way to do things right now.

Business Modernization

A truly modern business model works seamlessly from your initial product concept to agile implementation. During this process is when you and your partners look at the most robust digital plan, figuring out the best ways to use the available technology and building an architecture that works not only for your existing customer base but for any potential future customers who may have different needs.

Even in a post-COVID world, why will this be so important? Because online business isn’t just relevant for the pandemic. It’s about helping out those less abled than others. It’s about thinking around solutions like text-to-talk and image description for the visually impaired. It’s about considering the long-term impact of the current situation, which may leave thousands upon thousands of consumers unwilling to break their new digital habits and return to the high street.
According to a report published by Yelp, around 60% of American businesses that had to close during the pandemic have now shut down permanently. Sad times indeed. Could a more robust digital presence have saved these businesses?

Staying Relevant

Of course, as time goes on and lives change and hopefully improve, consumer needs change. That’s why the “rip and replace” way of doing things is dated. There’s no point constantly starting again from the ground up every time there’s a change in technology or customer trends. Businesses need digital partners that can provide continuous modernization based on their own legacy platforms, as well as taking advantage of the latest technology available. Employing a partner experienced in digital transformation means businesses can adapt to change more organically, giving them an edge against competitors.

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Stay up to date on the latest trends, innovations and insights.