Developing Digital Products
in a Competitive Market

High-impact software – your digital product – allows you to provide an enhanced experience to your clients, partners, and teams. Programmers works with your organization every step of the way – from idea to delivering new digital capabilities, utilizing a product over project mindset.

A value-oriented

Even a large, robust digital product needs to show business value sooner rather than later. That’s why we created Programmers’ Agile Experience – an iterative and value-oriented approach to custom software development that ensures transparency and success at each step.

Pathway to Digital Products


The first step in Programmers’ development process is product envisioning. This is where we work with your team to define the product’s goals and scope. Then, we discuss what type of software will best meet customer demands and bring you clear business value.

This phase includes:

      • Brainstorming & other creative strategizing
      • Product modeling
      • Features envisioning

Next, we begin understanding what a minimum viable product (MVP) will look like and which features will be most important to add iteratively. We produce the MVP for early adopters who then provide feedback that informs future product development.

This phase includes:

        • Creating the product roadmap
        • Defining architecture & technology
        • MVP implementation

Roadmap & MVP


From there, we iteratively add new features that are crucial to customer satisfaction and your company’s bottom line. This approach also helps us respond more fluidly to changing user needs, giving your product an edge in a competitive market. Our agile teams implement the solution in a continuous delivery and release cycle, allowing for dynamic feedback and constant monitoring of agile metrics.

This phase includes:

        • Product backlog management
        • Continuous development and releases
        • Metrics measurement

Driving Revenue with Digital Products

Building high-impact software serves as a value multiplier for your organization. It helps you expand your value proposition, create new revenue streams for your business, strengthen brand reputation, and stand out from competition. Here are just a few examples of highly valuable digital products:

Augmenting a non-digital core service, such as tracking systems for shipping and logistics

Customer relationship portals as revenue driver, such as financial planning tools for a bank or investment firm

Augmenting a non-digital core service, such as tracking systems for shipping and logistics

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