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Introducing Programmers’ Fast-Track Application Modernization Service

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At-a-Glance: Programmers’ new Fast-Track Application Modernization service targets the digital improvements that boost your company’s bottom line the most and brings measurable value every 90 days.

Customers expect user-intuitive applications that are available quickly whenever and wherever they need them. The same holds true for employees. Old software for internal use frustrates employees and leads to disorganization. Many companies know they’re falling behind their customers’ and employees’ basic expectations. Every year, though, the prospect of a full teardown gets more intimidating, causing company leadership to delay the conversation further.

At Programmers, we know the process of digital modernization sounds overwhelming. That is why we’ve always prioritized solutions that provide quick, clear results. Now, we are happy to take our fast-to-value approach to the next level by launching our Fast-Track Application Modernization service. With this service, Programmers targets the modernization opportunities that bring the most value to your organization. Then, we take an iterative approach, making meaningful gains that improve your bottom line every 90 days.

Learn more about digital modernization and the unique advantages of Programmers’ fast-track approach below.

What Does Digital Modernization Mean for Companies?

The term “digital modernization” means many different things to different organizations. In general, digital modernization makes your company more efficient and competitive by upgrading technology. For some companies, that means moving more operations to the cloud. Your organization will quickly become more cost-effective when it transitions away from pricey on-site servers. For example, we helped a company that connects universities with high school seniors reduce their data import time from one day to one hour by migrating functionalities into the cloud.

For other companies, digital modernization means integrating IT systems. If your employees must jump from platform to platform to complete their essential tasks, your company is a strong candidate for this service. Systems integration heightens productivity and improves employee morale, limiting turnover. You might also find that your customer-facing platforms are equally fractured. Unifying these will help customers get the most out of your products and services. It will also increase the likelihood that customers will remain brand loyal.

Meanwhile, in other cases, making changes to a specific system could bring your company the most immediate value. That could include enhancing the UI and UX of your client-facing or employee platforms. It could also mean automating manual processes within a system, like our work with a healthcare RCM company to deliver faster, more accurate data. The possibilities of digital modernization are almost endless. That’s why Programmers is here to sort through this multitude of options and find the ones that bring the most rapid value to your company.

Why Is a Fast-Track Approach Advantageous?

Traditionally, many companies approach modernization as one long-term teardown project. They discard legacy systems in full and rebuild with state-of-the-art technology. While this approach may seem advantageous, it often takes years for it to show clear business value. That leaves CIOs and other decision-makers in a tough position, asking for more money each year for digital modernization with nothing to show for the previous year’s investment. It also hurts customers and employees who must wait indefinitely for an improved application experience.

Programmers’ Fast-Track program ensures you see iterate value from modernizing systems every 90 days. Better yet, we target the upgrades that will boost your bottom line fastest and place those atop the work queue. Our dynamic approach also means we can respond quickly to your ever-changing needs. If something arises that has a pressing need for modernization, we can make it the focus of our next three-month stretch together.

As you learned in the previous segment, an almost endless number of services fall under the digital modernization umbrella. A long, unfocused modernization effort can easily lose track of clear business objectives and become just about advanced technology for technology’s sake. Our goal with the Fast-Track Application Modernization service is to bring you measurable value every 90 days.

Ready to Make Meaningful Improvements to Your Applications?

Visit our Fast-Track Application Modernization services page to begin your journey towards value-driven modernization. Want to learn more about what sets Fast-Track apart? Read our recent blog post outlining how we offer one of the best application modernization services on the market.




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