How We Do It

At Programmers, we’ve created processes that combine innovation with fast- to-value results. That includes our trademark Agile Experience and Fast-Track Application Modernization processes. Below, discover how these methods allow us to streamline your company’s systems, develop new products and features, and offer full transparency each step of the way.

Programmers’ Agile Experience

Comprehensive development process
that guides you from idea to execution

A new digital product can expand the value proposition you bring to customers. However, it can be difficult to start, maintain, and track success during development. Programmers’ Agile Experience is a development process that offers the tools, coaching, metrics, teams, and agile methods you’ll need from day one through deployment

At Programmers, we understand that stakeholders need to see the benefits of modernization early and often. That’s why we adopted our Fast-Track Application Modernization process: a method that delivers measurable results to your company every 90 days. We do this by finding the barriers to value in your legacy systems and addressing them with iterative modernization cycles.

Fast-Track Application Modernization

Accelerate the time to value of digital modernization by targeting barriers in your legacy systems

Tech Stacks

Programmers leverages many components, platforms, and technologies to create solutions for clients. These can help streamline systems, build new digital products, or otherwise benefit your company. Below, discover some of the tech stacks we love to work with:

Programming Languages

Software & Components


Cloud Solutions


Data Solutions

Data Science