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5 Ways an Application Modernization Strategy Helps

James Ardis
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Digital modernization puts your company in a position to eliminate inefficiencies and expand your value proposition to customers. Organizations that have undergone some form of digital transformation should contribute more than half of the global GDP by 2023, according to Statista. Read below to learn how you can accelerate business growth and better meet your customers’ demands with a comprehensive application modernization strategy

How Will an Application Modernization Strategy Help? 

Businesses of all sizes face everything from cybersecurity threats, lack of access to local, highly-skilled labor, and aging systems. To stay competitive and keep operations affordable, business leaders must overcome these challenges with more efficient applications.  

Security and Compliance

Outdated applications heighten the possibility of a data leak, hurting your relationship with customers and clients. Prioritizing cybersecurity in a continuous modernization effort puts you in a better position to combat new threats.  

In many industries, compliance is another major reason for companies to modernize. For example, according to the HIPAA Security Rule, companies in the healthcare industry may be liable if any personal information they store is leaked due to a cyberattack. Don’t expose your company or your clients to security risks due to antiquated systems. 

Maintenance and Support

Are you spending more on fixing bugs in your legacy applications than your application modernization strategy? The latter gives you a long-term edge over the competition, while the former is only a short-term solution. 

Modernization efforts can clean up disorganized code to reduce the risk of bugs. This greatly improves the user experience and lightens the load placed on your support and QA teams, allowing them to focus on other initiatives.

Maximizing Your Teams’ Productivity

One of the most important benefits of digital modernization is streamlining operations. With an ongoing staffing shortage, particularly in tech, it is more important than ever not to slow down the workers you do have with inefficient, disorganized systems. Plus, these improvements to internal applications boost employee morale, decreasing the likelihood of high turnover rates.  

Data Integration and Extraction

Attempting to extract data from old software can be a logistical nightmare. If you’re not using SaaS platforms and data-driven solutions, then you’re falling behind. Data integration and extraction are powerful forces for launching new initiatives, but legacy applications may be holding you back. 

Your company needs the flexibility and fluid integration of SaaS platforms and modernized applications as you leverage data management strategies. 


Failure to modernize applications as part of a larger digital strategy can have a major impact on your company’s future. Your business relies on finding innovative ways to help customers and streamline internal operations. 

Innovation, though, needs to be personalized to the needs of your company and its customers. What works well in one industry or business may not suit your organization. Consider working with a technology consulting company that can specifically target the application modernization strategy that puts you in the best position to innovate.  

Dangers of Postponing an Application Modernization Strategy

It’s time to switch from surviving to thriving. If you don’t begin acting on a robust application modernization strategy, you may experience problems with: 

  • Reduced ability to integrate, extract, or leverage data 
  • Increased risk of cybercrime and compliance issues 
  • Lower productivity due to inefficient applications 
  • Failure to realize significant revenue opportunities 

Don’t let antiquated systems get in the way of rapid innovation. While your internal staff may be overtaxed with other initiatives, you can work with an industry-leading application developer and consultant that understands digital modernization.  

Programmers’ Fast-Track Application Modernization Service 

Now that modernization is a priority, how does your organization begin? Programmers recently launched a Fast-Track Application Modernization service that delivers measurable value every 90 days. We manage to boost your bottom line quickly by targeting the barriers in your legacy systems that prevent you from realizing value. Then, we create a plan to address the most important modernization opportunities iteratively.  

Our fast-to-value approach ensures customers and employees enjoy a better and more secure application experience rapidly. Plus, key stakeholders within your company will see measurable improvements early and often, encouraging buy-in at all levels. Contact us today to begin modernizing your applications with a team focused on your bottom line. 

Stay up to date on the latest trends, innovations and insights.