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Solution Architecture and Application Development

Rafael Dourado

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Digital applications have increasingly allowed companies to meet internal and external demands. But over time, organizations grow, and the technology they need to leverage evolves. That’s why it is so vital to produce scalable applications, allowing for incremental changes and improvements to the system without a full teardown.

To ensure scalability, your development team should focus on establishing a solid solution architecture. This provides a stable, value-oriented foundation from which your application can grow for years to come. Below, learn more about solution architecture and the key benefits it brings to developing digital applications that solve real business needs.

What Is Solution Architecture?

Solution architecture establishes a series of rules and resources used to solve a specific business problem at your company. This requires collaboration between development teams and your organization’s stakeholders whose demands will be met by the software.

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Something important to note is the difference between solution architecture and software architecture. Despite their similar names, both have distinct purposes. Software architecture is more focused on the technical issues in application development. Meanwhile, solution architecture centers around application strategy, defining good practices, addressing a particular business problem, and how to ensure long-term growth from development.

Advantages of Solution Architecture

Building robust solutions that support business growth is undoubtedly the main benefit of using a solution architecture. This approach also allows for scalability of the application, ensuring that software can easily adapt to future circumstances and grow alongside your company. Technical debt, ballooning budgets, and declining brand reputation are just a few of the downsides to outdated applications with low adaptability.

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Solution architecture also insulates your organization from brain drain. As the Great Resignation continues, it is important to centralize all information related to the structures, rules, and objectives of applications. That way, if a lead developer leaves your company, their replacement can continue executing the long-term application strategy.

Begin Development Today

Development can be an intimidating time for organizations. There is always the possibility of losing focus on business objectives or realizing too late that your company does not have the experts necessary to build the system. That’s why we leverage Programmers’ Agile Experience to offer companies the teams, tools, metrics, coaching, and modern agile processes necessary throughout development.

As your company begins its work, you may also realize that legacy systems desperately need modernization. Cloud migration, system integration, an overhaul to UI/UX and more can improve the user experience and lower total cost of ownership. We utilize Programmers’ Fast-Track Application Modernization service to target the barriers to value in your legacy systems and show measurable value from modernization every 90 days.

Stay up to date on the latest trends, innovations and insights.