Investment Banking Company Acquires More Reliable Data and Streamlines IT Operations With Programmers’ Digital Modernization Process


In the fast-paced world of investment banking, companies need quick and reliable sources of data. Some IT teams suggest a full rebuild of data systems, the benefits of which may take years to see. During a recent project with an investment bank, though, Programmers took a different approach. We ensured our client received high-quality and current data without having to scrap their legacy systems.

Programmers’ digital modernization services offer investment banks countless ways to boost their bottom line and streamline operations. With this client, Programmers also saved them time and money by migrating applications to the cloud. Below, discover how we targeted the most beneficial digital modernization processes and implemented them in a quick, dynamic way for our investment banking client.

Modernization Through a Central Data Repository

Investment banks have four core processes: finding customers, onboarding customers, analyzing risk, and managing payments. Different business sectors handle each of these important tasks. Therefore, investment banks need some way of reconciling common information between these sectors. Unfortunately, this is often a manual process, leading to poor data integrity and a lack of confidence in the information. This is a particularly troubling situation for a company in a regulated industry.

For our investment banking client, we created a central data repository. This hub serves as the most current and definitive source of data for the entire company. Then, through a synchronization process, any changes made in one application are updated in every other company system. That way, each team can make decisions with the most up-to-date information possible.  

By modernizing through a data integration platform, we created trusted information centers throughout all applications. Better yet, we achieved this crucial goal without having to reconstruct our client’s legacy systems. This helped the investment bank avoid a long and costly rebuild process.

Now, our client’s business teams have a higher degree of trust in the data they receive. The need for manual changes is also gone, improving employee morale. To take further advantage of continuously modernizing applications, this client can now consider embedding AI, data analytics, and other solutions that will benefit their bottom line. 

Modernization Through Cloud Migration

Moving operations to the cloud improves the ability to maintain and support infrastructure. Our client decided to deactivate their data center and move applications to virtual servers in Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud. This not only streamlined their processes but also cut IT operational costs. 

We mapped the application dependencies across servers. Then, we moved the machines to the cloud, creating a seamless transition for the investment bank.

Having saved time and money on operational maintenance, this organization can now focus its IT budget on the next steps of continuous modernization. That could include rebuilding systems as cloud-native services. The company could also use cloud features to make applications smarter, more efficient, and productive.

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