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Streamline Workflows and the Circulation of Data with Application Integration

Many companies rely on manual processes to copy data from one system
to another, leading to incorrect and incomplete data across applications.

Meanwhile, employees often have to jump from platform to platform to
find and complete their daily tasks, cratering overall efficiency.

Boost your bottom line with application integration.

Programmers integrates applications with a lean,
fast-to-value approach.

That way, your organization can enjoy increased efficiency, a consistent flow of data, and higher customer satisfaction in record time.

Programmers works with you to understand your unique bussiness goals and digital ecosystem. Then, we provide the integration solution that will offer fast, substantial improvements.

These approaches include API, middleware, point-to-point, Server Bus, and iPaaS integration.

Dismantling Data Silos

When employees manually copy data from one system to another, errors are inevitable. Data silos emerge as each team has its own set of incomplete and often contradictory information.

Programmers can create an API layer connecting these systems, allowing changes to data made in one application to appear across platforms.


Simplifying Customers’ App

Programmers can integrate customer-facing applications, enabling customer data entered into one platform to autofill across your ecosystem. That allows customers to avoid re-entering information, a key pain point.

Integration can also connect customer and employee-facing systems intuitively. For example, if a customer submits a question within an application, that query can be directly relayed to the appropriate employee.

Improving Efficiency

Application integration allows you to minimize the number of systems an employee must jump between to complete tasks. This increases both productivity and your staff’s job satisfaction.

For example, let’s say your team has to check for assignments on one platform and then complete tasks on another. We can make assignments automatically appear inside the same platform your employee is already working in.

Application integration is one of many ways Programmers can boost your bottom line by removing barriers to value in your legacy systems. Learn more on our Fast-Track Application Modernization service page.

Wondering how to develop services that can be built, deployed, and scaled independently from each other? Read our e-book to learn more about microservices.

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