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Discover Your Most Valuable Modernization Opportunities with the Application Modernization Assessment

Many organizations begin modernization initiatives. However, they often struggle to align modernization with key business goals and can’t deliver value fast enough to secure buy-in from stakeholders for the long haul. 

Programmers Inc.’s Application Modernization Assessment helps you avoid these roadblocks. We work together to prioritize your business goals, pinpoint opportunities in your legacy systems to reach those goals, and plan a strategy to make meaningful progress every 90 days.

Begin your 90 day application modernization plan.

We break our assessment down into three stages: Business Discovery, Tech Assessment, and Strategy Plan, each offering deliverables that will give your stakeholders full visibility into the initiative ahead and the real business value they will see.

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Business Discovery

In this stage, Programmers Inc. helps you establish and prioritize business goals. Then, we identify factors within your legacy systems that prevent you from reaching these objectives.

Our process revolves around understanding the business aspects of your solution, going well beyond technology.


Tech Assessment

Our specialists pinpoint opportunities in your application’s technology to help you reach your business goals. This is important knowledge that will drive a clear, effective modernization strategy.

We conduct testing, analyze your tools, review logs, and more. That way, you can see how inefficiencies in your current systems and development operations (DevOps) have tangible effects on business outcomes.

Strategy Plan

Finally, based on the findings from the previous stages, we define the modernization approach that can drive short and long-term results where you need it most.

We provide timelines and other resources that clearly define how your organization will see value and when, allowing you to be transparent with stakeholders and secure their buy-in.

After the assessment, we can work with you every step of the way to turn the plan into a reality, generating value for your organization every 90 days. Learn more about our Fast-Track Application Modernization service.

Take the first steps toward modernization.

Request our Application Modernization Assessment now and transform your applications into agile, scalable, and high-performing assets.