Who We Do It For

Programmers has 30+ years of experience consulting with and building solutions for companies that want to use digital technology to innovate. We help organizations across industries and backgrounds, from more digital- native companies to those just beginning their digital transformation.


“Programmers is a company that favors close relationships with the customer, which gave us confidence and security. And the fact that they have Agile DNA guaranteed the synergy that we needed to develop this innovative product for the market.”

– Head of B2C Business for a leading energy company

Here are some of the industries we’ve worked particularly close with over the last three decades:


Optimizing data analytics solutions and digital products is vital to the healthcare industry, particularly as the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed more health services online. Programmers has worked with clients in this industry for decades. Our contributions have allowed them to store data in a HIPAA-compliant manner, integrate systems for convenient use by both patients and hospitals, streamline payment systems, and more.

Transportation & Logistics

Logistics companies need reliable, real-time data to dynamically pivot in the face of everchanging regulations and supply chain complexity. They also need robust, centralized platforms to better serve retailers, wholesalers, and other customers. At Programmers, we’ve helped companies throughout the industry modernize TMSes and customer portals and built real-time fleet management systems.

Food & Beverage

Companies in the food and beverage industry must meet customer demands quickly and affordably, and while navigating obstacles in the supply chain. Programmers’ data analytics solutions have allowed companies across the industry to thrive in this complex environment. We’ve created structured databases to track these companies’ vital KPIs and leveraged Big Data technologies to better understand consumer habits.


Financial services companies need the most reliable data possible and must collaborate between teams to make important decisions. We’ve worked with investment banks and other financial instituions to remove data silos, build central data repositories, and use cloud migration to cut operational costs.

Clients Across Industries

Regardless of their field, every company is looking to streamline processes, analyze data, and improve the customer, client, and employee experience. Programmers is there to help, utilizing countless technologies and offering you the insights of our experts. Below, discover just a few of our other success stories.