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Streamline Your Employees’ Access to Insights with Power BI and Programmers REACT

Rafael Dourado

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Leveraging high-quality data is vital for decision-making in any company. However, in many organizations, uncovering the right insights means assigning someone to spend hours consolidating data from several complex sources. 

This tedious process discourages employees from exploring the information available to them, in fear of wasting their limited time. Plus, it leads to slow decision-making despite rapidly-changing markets. 

Luckily, Microsoft Power BI can consolidate information in an intuitive way, allowing business users to unlock the insights they need quickly. Our REACT service also puts companies in the best position to get the most value out of Power BI. We identify vital applications of Power BI, train your teams on how to use them, and help your employees create some of your most crucial reports. 

Below, learn more about the key benefits of Power BI and Programmers REACT. 

Benefits of Power BI

Power BI is a Microsoft data analytics tool that enables data collection from multiple sources. If business leaders in your organization need help consolidating information and could benefit from intuitive dashboards and data formats, then Power BI is for you. 

This application is compatible with both computers and mobile phones, allowing your leaders to discover insights in the office or on the fly. Because it is so intuitive, users need not be data scientists to consume information. That allows departments throughout your organization to have access to the same insights, eliminating data silos. 

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Speaking of data scientists, Power BI frees them from most business user requests for reports. Now, these users can compile and view data on their own. That gives data scientists more time to focus on proactive goals and higher-level organizational thinking. 

Power BI has five main benefits that contribute to your success: 

1. Data Quality 

A staggering 82% of companies are making decisions based on stale information, according to a recent study. Power BI helps ensure that your team only sees up-to-date and accurate information, in other words, high-quality data. 

2. Governance 

Democratize access to your corporation’s data, so that different team members can easily access information.

3. Security

Manage the permission levels of each user. This ensures professionals do not have access to sensitive data.

4. Team Autonomy

Give your employees the autonomy to build and digest reports on their own. That empowers each of your leaders to bring their unique viewpoints to analytics.

5. Connect Data from Different Sources 

As mentioned previously, one of the most important benefits of Power BI is allowing you to consolidate information from multiple sources. Your organization can eliminate hours of manual labor and replace it with more time analyzing the data.  

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Programmers REACT as a Value Multiplier 

We all know that inserting a new tool into the workspace does little good on its own. Leaders within the organization must help generate buy-in for the new capability. 

Employees also must be trained to properly use the new tool. According to the Harvard Business Review, only 25% of employees say they are confident in their data skills. That means leaders will need to ease employees into these new processes. 

Defining the “how” and “why” of Power BI is where our REACT service comes in. We begin by understanding your company’s unique business needs and what kinds of reports would generate the most important insights for your team. Then, we produce these reports, demonstrating how Power BI can unlock key information that previously remained hidden. 

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Then, we shift our focus to the “how.” We personally train your team to build the reports that matter to them in Power BI. By the end of the training, employees throughout your organization will not only know how to use Power BI but also have unique data to bring to your leaders. Learn more about Programmers REACT on our data analytics page.

Final Thoughts 

Power BI helps your company consolidate data from multiple sources to create insightful reports in a user-intuitive way. It also helps boost data security, governance, and quality.

However, new digital capabilities on their own won’t empower your teams to leverage high-quality data. 92% of executives say that it is work culture, not technology, that prevents them from becoming data-driven. Programmers REACT bridges this gap, guiding your team to produce reports within Power BI and demonstrating the platform’s value, boosting buy-in. 

Self-service analytics is just one of the steps on your larger journey to becoming data-driven. Read our guide to the six steps on this journey to identify where your capabilities stand today and find vital next steps. 

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